a crazy couple months

whew. where do i start? maybe the beginning...the last week of january, jimmy and i purchased a house in taylorsville. getting financing was the biggest headache. but it was worth it cause we got the house! we went into it knowing that a lot of work needed to be done but we had no idea how much hard work it was going to be! on the plus side though, it has been really fun being able to choose everything to make it ours...here is our cute little house...
(and yes your eyes are not deceving you...there is a toilet on our front porch. haha)
we are still waiting on a few things to be done in the house before i will post pics of all the amazing work that my hubby has done. he is amazing!

soon after we signed on the house we went on a cruise. the one that i got for christmas. we booked it for february thinking that we would be in the house and a lot of the work would be already done. psych. we still went and had a blast. we drove down to long beach with the hendricksons and then we ported at catalina island and then at ensanada mexico. catalina island was so cool. it was rainy that day and a bit cold but we still had such a good time. we rented a golf cart and drove around the whole island. 
they had the cutest little cars on catalina island. i want this one. 
it seems like working on the house has taken over our lives. its what we do constantly. i cant wait until we can just sit on the couch and watch tv for an hour. hopefully that day is coming soon!
this past weekend was easter. of course we had to get dax a new easter outfit. i know he is my kid, but i think that he looked pretty dang cute!


to connor:

i cant believe your leaving on your mission today. i cant even believe that your all grown up. i still see you as the little brother that i could tease and wrestle to the ground. clearly you aren't that little boy anymore. im now scared to beat up on you because when you fight back it actually hurts. bad. :) i swear that it was just yesterday that you were sleeping on the floor in my room watching monsters inc. over and over. and we were running around the campground trying to catch squirrels. i cant even tell you how much i have valued the memories that we have made over the years. i will forever remember going to all of your baseball games and yelling "lets go one..","good eye..".  i thought i was so cool. i always think of you whenever we go to any kind of baseball field and probably always will. thank you for taking care of me when i got my wisdom teeth out. you were the best bedside nurse i have ever had! if i needed anything you were right there getting it. thank you for dancing with us in the kitchen. "500 watts?! that's a lot of watts!!" remember the time when i could whoop your butt at guitar hero? i was amazing! then i stopped playing and now you whoop up on me. however, when you get home i will regain my title no doubt! as much as i didn't like it at the time i'm going to miss your random yells. scares me every time. i wish i would have been at the dinner table the time when mom grabbed your shirt. :) thank you for letting us take you 80's dancing on your 18th birthday. you sure can bust a move. i am so excited for you to preach the gospel to all those you meet in orlando. your going to be an amazing missionary. just be your awesome self. the people in florida are so lucky to have you. you will be missed here at home. we will miss the "guys you know what..." and your not so quiet indoor voice. :) thank you for being such a good example to dax, i know he is to little to understand right now but he will look up to you his whole life. he is so lucky to have an amazing uncle like you. i cant wait for you to come home and help coach his little tee-ball team. maybe he will be able to slide into home plate like you did. :) i love you a lot and will miss having you around, but i know that your doing an amazing thing by serving the lord. we cant wait to hear about all of your experiences. good luck little bro. 

love, us


christmas '11

we're going on a cruise!
chrismas this year was awesome! need i say more?



playing catch up...
the bahamas were amazing! i would love to go back there. we had such a good time, we played at the beach the whole time. i have never seen a more amazing beach in my life. the water was so warm and clear. the locals were awesome! i would love to go back there someday. :)


dax drew

hello again.
i don't keep a journal. dax has inspired me. this is now going to be our journal. :)

meet dax drew sorenson...

october 2nd came and went. i was a little sad. i knew that i would go longer but i had been looking forward to that day for a whole long 9 months or so. it was depressing going to the dr's office and getting my membranes swept 4 or 5 times and no action. not even one contraction. at this point i wanted to be in pain. i was so ready to meet our little boy. after a whole week of being overdue i was starting to feel like he was not going to make an entrance into the world at all. :) we went to our routine appointment on friday (october 7th) and the dr told me that i could go into labor at any time. and if i didnt go on my own, i would be getting a phone call on sunday morning around 6:00am telling us what time to come into the hospital. sure enough at 6:03am my phone started ringing. after i calmed my heart a little i answered.the woman told me they were ready for us to come to the hospital. getting ready to leave our house was very weird. we hardly talked at all. (possibly because it was 6 in the morning) as we got our bags into the car and pulled out of the driveway i couldnt help but think how much our lives were about to change. i might have cried. a little. i was scared and super nervous.

we arrived at the hospital around 6:45am. i think i remember our car being 1 of  3 cars in the parking lot. walking into the hospital i could feel my heart beat harder and harder. we met the nurse at the nurses station. her name was julie. she was very sweet. she showed us to our room and gave me the very stunning hospital gown that i needed to put on. i hate those things so much! after we were all situated the nurse hooked me up to some pitocin. she told me that i had to finish a whole iv bag before the dr could break my water. after about an hour and a half dr chalmers came in and decided to break my water. a very weird feeling i must add. :) not to be graphic but literally felt like i was peeing my pants. not ok. haha. dr chalmers told me it would probably be after 7pm before anything would happen and that he would be back later that evening. after about 30 min i felt my first contraction. it wasn't to bad but they sure did get worse. and fast. the nurse checked me and i was only at a four. i wanted to try and hold off getting the epidural until i really felt like i needed it. contractions were coming only 3 min apart and they were super intense. i requested an epidural after maybe 40 minutes of contractions. (ok it might have been earlier than that..i like to think i was a little bit hard core) dr lind came in and told me the routine of the epidural. i was having super strong contractions so he had to hurry and work between them. after he finished i felt my legs getting numb. possibly the best invention ever. after getting the epidural i was much more comfortable and could enjoy the movies on tv. we watched knocked up (very fitting) and monsters inc. near the end of the movie the nurse came in and checked me again. sure enough i was at a nine. progress progress progress! she quickly called my dr and told him he needed to come back to the hospital. after arriving at the hospital he came in and checked me and said i was fully dilated and 100% effaced. he told me that the baby's head had not dropped as much as he would like. but he said if i pushed he would come down. that is what i did. the delivery crew came in and got me all ready. one of the nurses, barb, was super funny. i will forever remember the conversations we had between pushing. clay aiken was the topic mostly. weird! the dr came in and i pushed my little heart out. i remember looking over at jimmy hoping that he wouldnt pass out. after pushing for a total of 20 min at (2:31pm), i saw our little boy for the first time. weighing in at 7 lbs 2 oz, and measuring at 19 inches long. he was the most amazing sight i have ever seen. looking at jimmy made me cry. looking at our baby made me cry.

the nurses were obsessed with him. but not as obsessed as i was.

the epidural wore off after about an hour in the delivery room so i was able to walk to a wheelchair to go to recovery. we went upstairs and the recovery nurses told me that to get rid of my iv i had to use the bathroom on my own. i said i was up to try. then scary story...hemorrhage. i got super light headed and was going to pass-out. nurses were running in and out of the room. they helped me back to the bed and gave me some shots to contract my uterus. and hooked me back up to an iv bag of pitocin. dangit. this was the start of a long night. the nurses kept coming in and out all night long. right as i would fall asleep they would come in to check something or change the garbage. so annoying. and so it began our nights of little sleep. the next day came and i was discharged. i have never seen jimmy so antsy to get out of somewhere. :)

driving home was super weird. i couldnt hear him and kept asking jimmy if he thought he was still breathing. we had to stop at the store on the way home and i jumped in the back to make sure he was still ok. of course he was...just sleeping. i couldnt help but just stare at him. he was beautiful. its crazy to think that we are parents. i love our little family.


chooo chooo

this past week we went to durango colorado to ride the train. i had never been on a train so it was a lot of fun for me! the scenery was so beautiful and the river was raging! it was awesome! the train ride took pretty much all day because the train didnt go over probably 15 miles per hour. it was so fun to be there with norm and brenda and jimmy's grandpa lyle. a big thanks to lyle for suggesting we go on this train and for getting us the tickets! it was such a good time! here are some pics from our train adventure...