a crazy couple months

whew. where do i start? maybe the beginning...the last week of january, jimmy and i purchased a house in taylorsville. getting financing was the biggest headache. but it was worth it cause we got the house! we went into it knowing that a lot of work needed to be done but we had no idea how much hard work it was going to be! on the plus side though, it has been really fun being able to choose everything to make it ours...here is our cute little house...
(and yes your eyes are not deceving you...there is a toilet on our front porch. haha)
we are still waiting on a few things to be done in the house before i will post pics of all the amazing work that my hubby has done. he is amazing!

soon after we signed on the house we went on a cruise. the one that i got for christmas. we booked it for february thinking that we would be in the house and a lot of the work would be already done. psych. we still went and had a blast. we drove down to long beach with the hendricksons and then we ported at catalina island and then at ensanada mexico. catalina island was so cool. it was rainy that day and a bit cold but we still had such a good time. we rented a golf cart and drove around the whole island. 
they had the cutest little cars on catalina island. i want this one. 
it seems like working on the house has taken over our lives. its what we do constantly. i cant wait until we can just sit on the couch and watch tv for an hour. hopefully that day is coming soon!
this past weekend was easter. of course we had to get dax a new easter outfit. i know he is my kid, but i think that he looked pretty dang cute!

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  1. A new house, how exciting!! It's so cute I want to see everything inside. How fun does the cruise look. And Dax is so adorable.